Osho Acceptance Meditation 

A Guided Meditation To Facilitate Creative Life Changes 
Part I - Active Stage

This therapeutic meditation is a self-counseling session and instructions are in English. By consciously playing with your thoughts and breathing in this meditation, you take the emotional charge out of unpleasant experiences from the past and begin to consciously create new experiences. It is a powerful, effective process to help clear any limiting belief that is blocking your creative expression and enjoyment of life.

You are guided to relax and experience the dualistic nature of the mind in the light of a consciousness in you which transcends the limitations of the mind. By relaxing into this consciousness, you arrive at the energetic source of your creativity.

In the first active stage, you are guided to look inside for answers to a series of questions which help uncover a fundamental belief and associated feelings that are creating a specific unpleasant experience in your life. As this belief is discovered, you are guided to accept this aspect of your unconscious mind and breathe into the heart so that suppressed thoughts and sensations associated with this belief can surface from the unconscious mind and be experienced by your conscious awareness. Simply by being aware of these thoughts and sensations without judgment, the energy associated with the belief is uprooted, thus freeing you to express your gifts and talents.

You are then guided to accept a positive belief which is the opposite of the negative belief above. For example, if the negative belief was, “I’m not lovable,” there is a positive side of the mind which knows from experience that you are lovable. You are then guided to express this positive belief, “I am lovable.” You unconditionally accept your total mind - "positive" and "negative" - with regards to the issue at hand.

The meditation helps you experience that your essential nature is a witnessing consciousness,
a "transcendental watcher" beyond the positive and negative judgments of the mind. This watching, this unchanging witnessing consciousness, is the ultimate freedom: you are no longer a slave of the mind but its master, since by witnessing you can see beyond the mind and can choose to live in new creative ways.

Witnessing is your anchor in this sea of change called life. Each moment that you are centered in this space of non-judgmental awareness, you are fulfilled, you are safe, and
moment to moment you know what life changes to make to celebrate your fulfillment.

In the final active part of this process you are asked, “If you knew you were absolutely safe, what would you do, what would you create in your life that you’re not allowing yourself to experience now?” This question helps bring to the surface suppressed fear or denial which may be preventing you from expressing your creativity. You are supported to consciously feel the sensations associated with your new desire. In doing so you open up a space for the possibility of change to occur. The final question - “What is the one thing you are willing to actively do today to support your creation to happen?” - helps you feel your commitment to allowing your creation to manifest.

Part II - Passive Stage - Meditation

Meditation is a state of relaxed awareness which clears and calms the mind. Numerous studies have shown that meditation is good for you mentally, promotes overall better health, and...
  1. Your brain produces alpha and theta waves.
  2. Your heart rate slows down.
  3. Your muscles relax.
  4. Your blood pressure falls.
During Part II, sit silently in meditation for 15 minutes, after which a bell will ring. Watch the breathing in your navel center. Watch the belly going in and out, and watch your thoughts and feelings as one would watch clouds floating across a blue sky.

Listening to the Audio

1. Arrange for there to be no distractions for 45 minutes or more.
2. Play the audio through external speakers instead of headphones.
3. Do not do this meditation while driving.
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