Gratitude Meditation

Develops the knack of allowing loving experiences to happen by feeling gratitude for the friends and positive situations you have already created.

  Acceptance Meditation

Effectively supports your creative expression by clearing the emotional charge out of limiting beliefs that are blocking your enjoyment of life.

  Conscious Breathing Meditation 

This dynamic meditation helps you cleanse and recharge your entire body by systemically breathing through your body's energy centers

Gratitude-Meditation   self-acceptance-meditation

Congratulations on chosing to love yourself for the next 21 days.

Osho Heart of Creativity

Three meditations are the heart of the Osho Heart of Creativity, the 21-day self-guided inner journey you are about begin. During the first 3 days play each of the 3 meditations. During the final 18 days, play one meditation a day rotating the 3 meditations 6 times while keeping a journal of your experiences. If you feel to, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a brief description of your experiences within three days after completing the process.

Each day...

1.   Choose one of the three meditations and arrange for there to be no distractions for an hour.

2.  Play the audio through external speakers, not headphones.

3.   Do not do an Osho Heart of Creativity Meditation while driving.

Each meditation is self-explanatory: just play the audio and follow the instructions. Each meditation has two parts for a total of 45 minutes:

A) An active part lasting about 30 minutes. One maintains a connected breathing rhythm while following the instructions. Important: use the background breathing rhythm on the audio as a reminder to keep breathing in a connected rhythm. You do not have to follow this rhythm. Breathe at a pace which is comfortable for you.

B) A passive part lasting 15 minutes, followed by a bell sound. Simply watch your breathing - the belly going in and out; and watch your thoughts and feelings as one would watch clouds floating across a blue sky.

This transcendental watching gives you a direct experience of a consciousness in you which is deeper than the mind, heart, and body. This experience is the ultimate freedom: watching the duality of the mind, you are no longer confined to the mind's demands, for you can see beyond it. Watching the mind, you are not its slave but its master. Also, silence is creative. From this silent space of watching, original insights arise beyond the old mind that provide a foundation for allowing creative life changes to happen moment to moment.

Downloading the Osho Heart of Creativity Meditations

1. Click on a meditation link below to download the OHOC mp3 file.

Conscious-Breathing Meditation

Acceptance Meditation

Gratitude Meditation

After downloading the meditations, most systems will open the files just by clicking on them. But if your system does not open the files, drop the files into this software to unzip them: http://www.7-zip.org/

2. Put all 3 files in a folder on your desktop.

Enjoy the journey!

Shunyo Mahom

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